Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Swiss Wine patches up new identity

Swiss Wine Promotion is an organisation that markets Swiss wines. Last month, on May 20, it unveiled a new visual identity, created by Tyler Brûlé's Zurich-based firm Winkreative.

The new symbol avoids the solid-but-boring route of using the Swiss cross. Instead, it is made up of lines, inspired by the fractured nature of Swiss wineyards. Switzerland has six official wine regions and the lines are organised into six fields.

The main colour is a red tint which is slightly darker than the red of the Swiss flag and closer to red wine. The typography uses Brauer Neue Bold and Feijoa Italic.

Previous logo.

The links below contain lots of images that show the new identity's versatility:
Ellen's Wine World

The examples below are borrowed from Ellen's Wine World:

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