Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moving Brands tapped for new payment app

Tapit is a new Swiss smartphone app that allows its users to easily make payments. It was revealed last week, on July 1, by Switzerland's telco Swisscom who say Tapit is "the first Swiss wallet of the future".

Moving Brands designed the entire brand from strategy to user interface. They created an identity that can grow with an "ownable, intuitive and uncluttered" look.

A lovely brand development video below:

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"Tapit is Swisscom’s first move into contactless (or NFC) technology, and is the first smartphone app in Switzerland that allows user to make payments, collect loyalty points and open doors (literally). Moving Brands is thrilled to see the product launch after working with the project team on the brand strategy and identity, user interface and user experience.

Billed as the ‘first Swiss wallet of the future,’ the app can hold various credit, prepaid and debit cards, loyalty cards and access cards. The partnership forged between competing mobile providers (including Orange and Sunrise), financial organisations such as Visa, and retail stores such as Migros, ensure a customer-focused ecosystem, which is already winning fans. CEO of Visa Europe, Nicolas Huss, echoed these varied corporation’s excitement, telling attendees of the launch event “I’m convinced that Tapit will be one of the most successful mobile payment propositions in Europe.”

Moving Brands was approached to develop a brand strategy and flexible, digital first identity for Tapit that could grow to encompass future services. Building from the visual identity, we also created guidance for an ownable, intuitive and uncluttered UI that would guide and reward users as they began to use this disruptive new tool.
" - Moving Brands

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Moving Brands

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