Friday, August 29, 2014

Volvo rolls out simplified logo

Everyone knows of Volvo, right? One of Sweden's most famous brands, known for safe quality cars. Some decades ago, the car making part of Volvo was sold off and is now in the hands of a Chinese company. This week, August 27, Volvo Cars introduced an updated version of its logo. It was created by Stockholm Design Lab who name Trollbäck + Company as a project partner.

The new version of the "ironmark" – as the mark is called – has been simplified to its purest form with an uninterrupted iron symbol, optimised for all environments. The simple form is said to embody Volvo's brand vision; "to be the world's most progressive and desirable car brand". It was introduced to celebrate a new line of cars. The first model in the line is called XC90 as will also be the first to feature the updated logo.

Previous logo.

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Single-colour version.

A larger view.

Stockholm Design Lab

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