Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gulpener, the free brewery

Gulpener is a Dutch brewery founded in 1825 that makes an assortment of different beers. This month it introduced a new visual identity and new labels, created by Utrecht-based agency Brand Republic.

The agency sought to create a design that goes back to the essential with a focus on the authentic and simple, not the hip. The 'GB' monogram brings back an element that was discarded several years ago. To put emphasis on the fact that Gulpener is independent of mayor brewery companies it has adopted the slogan De Vrije Brouwer ("The Free Brewery").

Previous logo.

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Misset Horeca

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  1. Along with nSport+, the polish theme channels owned by nc+ also got new logos. You should put them on the round-up of august 2014.