Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TVGN pops new name

TVGN, until recently known as the TV Guide Network, is an American television channel owned by CBS and Lionsgate that used to be dedicated to tell what was on other channels. As that functionality was increasingly replaced by other media, the network changed its direction to become a general entertainment network featuring reality fare. Last week TVGN announced that it would change its name to Pop.

Pop will be "a multi-platform destination dedicated to celebrating the fun of being a fan", which means a lot of its programming will be dedicated to fandom of different pop culture phenomena.

The new brand launches early 2015, the logo above came with the announcement.

Previous logo.


1 comment:

  1. Stupid new name and will probably have stupid new programming! It's no wonder the network has been struggling. Their scheduling of the programs they show now is pathetic. They seldom have anything on at a regular time so how do they expect anyone to be a regular viewer!!! It always looks like they throw a bunch of shows and movies on each day with no thought of keeping any sort of regular schedule. So, now they are changing over to programming that will supposedly attract a younger and more affluent viewer (quote from the LA Times). What a waste of air time! Hope it all goes down the tubes for them. They apparently didn't know how to run a network in the first place and this new move sounds totally lame.