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BBC First – in the mood for great drama

BBC First is a new premium TV channel from the BBC, first launched in Australia back in August. The channel features the best of BBC drama and the intention is to have it rolled out globally over time. The brand identity for the channel was developed by New York-based Trollbäck + Company, who are also working with the BBC on the launches of two further channel brands, BBC Earth and BBC Brit.

The BBC First brand is set in "an emotionally heightened world where nothing is just black and white, but supercharged with fine nuances and incredible plot twists". The idents convey different emotive vibes and moods through footage shot on film using a special camera set-up that has been double-exposed and projected.

The idents and a press release can be seen below.

From a press release:

The firm was appointed in 2013 following a competitive pitch process and is working on a 360° brand-building for each of the genre brands, including naming, brand expression, manifesto, logo creation, on-air design, station IDs, and further off-air brand assets including creative assets for trade events.

“Developing the brand, we thought deeply about the characteristics that set our premium drama apart,” says Amanda Hill, Chief Brands Officer for BBC Worldwide. “The best drama is unpredictable. It can be visceral yet seductively complex and it should take you down a path you didn’t foresee. We’re thrilled that the identity for BBC First captures this spirit and will deliver our promise to audiences worldwide.”

Jakob Trollbäck, Chief Creative Officer of Trollbäck + Company, adds: “It’s a dream job. We have always been huge fans of the BBC, and here, we were asked to create three new worldwide brands for them. Every channel is totally unique, with carefully crafted expressions that illuminate the brand and energize the connection between the content and the viewers. For BBC First, we created an emotionally heightened world where nothing is just black and white, but supercharged with fine nuances and incredible plot twists. We are looking forward to seeing the new brands take the world by storm. It’s unmissable entertainment.”

With acclaimed offerings such as Peaky Blinders, The Musketeers and The Politician's Husband, the visceral nature of BBC original productions needed an expression that communicated the elegance and premium quality of the BBC First brand. To execute this visually, T+Co found inspiration in the transforming nature of complex storytelling and in the luminous craft of film and photography.

"We wanted to craft a brand expression that paid tribute to the complex emotions and mesmerizing beauty of BBC's unforgettable content,” says T+Co Executive Content Director Elizabeth Valleau. “Along with the luminous navigation we’ve created narratively ambiguous idents. They are full of emotion but open to the projection of the viewer. Quality drama affects people in very different ways, so we wanted to allow the interpretation of the idents to be equally personal. The network design is as rich, intriguing and edgy as the programming itself, and the launch has already exceeded ratings expectations.”
The IDs are live-action with multifaceted and double-exposed imagery that was captured entirely in-camera. The footage was layered and re-captured using rear projection screens and rotating panes of beam-splitter glass.

“The IDs are intended to convey less of an explicit storyline, and more of a vibe – a canvas for the viewers to color with meaning themselves,” explains Valleau. “Drawing inspiration from the network’s emotive content, each ID evokes a mood, teasing out story possibilities without ever giving away all the facts.”

T+Co achieved the campaign’s unique look in collaboration with world-renowned cinematographer Fred Elmes in New Orleans, cinematographer Noah David Smith in New York, and Chris Webb Films, who executed the smashed-chandelier Phantom footage and helped T+Co develop the bespoke camera rig for the production.

“It was a pleasure working with such sophisticated, intelligent, and passionate clients,” concludes Valleau. “It was truly a collaboration to be cherished, and the work shows the fruit of it. As BBC demanded the best from us, we were inspired to break boundaries.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Client: BBC Worldwide
Chief Brands Officer, BBC Worldwide: Amanda Hill
Director of Branded Services and Digital, BBC Worldwide: Tom Lucas
Director of Drama Brands, BBC Worldwide: Julia Kenyon
Head of Brand and Global Campaigns, BBC Worldwide: Sara Holt
Director of Brands and Marketing, BBC Worldwide – Australia: Melissa Madden
Head of Creative, BBC Worldwide – Australia: Dan Aldridge

Production Company: Trollbäck + Company
Live Action Shoot - New Orleans
Directors: Jakob Trollbäck & Elizabeth Valleau
Director of Photography: Frem Elmes
Executive Producer: Elyse Roth
Producer: Jennifer Pearlman
Post Producer: Forrest Heidel

Live Action Shoot – East Hampton
Directors: Jakob Trollbäck & Elizabeth Valleau
Director of Photography: Noah David Smith
Executive Producer: Elyse Roth
Line and Post Producer: Niabi Caldwell

Studio Shoot - Christopher Webb Studio
Directors: Jakob Trollbäck, Elizabeth Valleau, Elliott Chaffer & Mitch Monson
Executive Producer: Elyse Roth
Producer: Niabi Caldwell
Director of Photography: Christopher Webb

Design, Animation & VFX Company: Trollbäck + Company
Technical Director: Peter Alfano
Lead Designer: Rachel Digerness
Senior Producers: Niabi Caldwell & Forrest Heidel
Head of Production: Erica Schrager
Production Coordinator: Anna Toyama

Designer/Animators: Peter Alfano, Josh Lynne, Seon Crawford, Animesh Dwivedi, Paris Glickman, Kelli Miller, Elaine Park, Dennis Chung, Ray Lee, John Hayley, Brandon Sugiyama, Tim Lines, Nadia Husain, Eric Epstein, Jorge Peschiera, Erin Kilkenny, Sarah Cohen & Adam Wentworth

Music Composition: Joshua Valleau

Editor: Nate Buchik
Assistant Editors: Caroline Kallback, Tommy Shull, Patrick Burns & Robin Comisar

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