Friday, October 3, 2014

Neopost to receive new logo

Neopost is a French company that provides mailroom equipment, holding a leading position in this market. This week, on September 30, it introduced a new logo which is scheduled for launch in February 1, 2015.

Just like its predecessor, the new logo is a stylised N. This one has been designed to look like an envelope. The company says its new look will be "lively, bright, dynamic and optimistic" and that it reflects changes and diversification within the company.

Previous logo.

The previous logo, featuring a stylised N ribbon, was introduced in 2006 and created by Interbrand. There are conflicting reports on who created its replacement.

More on the new look, from a press release:
This rebranding marks a new stage in the transformation of Neopost, ongoing for the past two years. This new identity reflects the Group's expansion and diversification in a changing world. Indeed, Neopost, a specialist in mailing solutions, is broadening its range of products and services to parcels’ management and is building a portfolio of products and services adapted to digital communication and customer data management.

Denis Thiery said: "Partner to companies, we provide them with a coherent set of solutions to facilitate interactions and communication with their customers. We support them through the changes brought by the growing digitalization of their process and activities. Our new identity reflects these commitments. While capitalising on the value of the Neopost brand, the new logo and new slogan embody the Group's transformation and look firmly to the future.”

Neopost's new style is lively, bright, dynamic and optimistic. The new identity is designed for the multichannel world. It is simple and immediately recognisable. The new brand slogan, "Send. Receive. Connect." confirms Neopost's role as facilitator.

The new logo is based on the letter "N", which has been reinterpreted and reinvigorated. The envelope visually suggests both physical mail and email, while the infinity symbol, reflects the Group’s mission to create enduring interactions through pertinent communication. It features a rounded typeface to suggest customer closeness. Lastly, the vivid green colour evokes growth, harmony and safety that we intend to bring to our stakeholders.


  1. The agency behind this rebranding is Ketchum (Paris)

    1. It's definitely not Ketchum. There has been a big misunderstanding because of DDB. But none of them did anything for Neopost. The brand and baseline have been designed by CBA (Ogilvy). No conflicting reports. I'm head of the project.

  2. Nice a green paperclip ;-) red would be more visible

  3. They gave their old silvery N to Nasdaq ;)

  4. The agency which has realized the repositioning and the brand identity is CBA Design

  5. Great new branding