Monday, November 3, 2014

New star shines for Arizona Lottery

The Arizona state lottery introduced a new logo last week. It was designed by local ad agency LaneTerralever and will be rolled out over the coming year. Arizona Lottery says their new logo is "aimed to excite players now and in the future" and that it conveys the "fun, unexpected, and entertaining nature" of its games.

It replaces a previous designed based on the Arizona state flag. The outsiders, the new logo may appear a bit generic when compared to its slightly more awesome "wild west" predecessor. But given that much of that awesomeness was borrowed the state flag, the impact was perhaps a bit diluted in Arizona.

Previous logo.

In-depth research and analysis of how and why players are attracted to the brand prompted the Arizona Lottery to transform the brand and logo. Several logo options were tested with Lottery staff, retailers and players, ultimately guiding the new look. The brand refresh was a planned 2015 activity, scheduled to support the expansion of new games and projected sales growth.

The new logo, designed by the Arizona Lottery’s Agency of Record LaneTerralever, conveys the fun, unexpected, and entertaining nature of the many games the Lottery offers. The release of the new logo and visual brand marks a significant milestone and the start of new era for the Arizona Lottery. The font is dynamic, offering a playful and engaging identity. The color palette is representative of the wide-open skies and opportunities in Arizona, as well as the rich heritage of the state. Both the red and blue colors point back to the State flag, as does the star graphic. In addition, the star also serves as a sign of hope – conveying the wishing and dreaming experienced when a player picks up an Arizona Lottery ticket. The overall design clearly illustrates the vision and ambition for the future of the Arizona Lottery.
- Press release

Arizona Lottery

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