Monday, December 15, 2014

Integrated identity for Norwegian football association

The Football Association of Norway (Norges fotballforbund, NFF) governs football in Norway and organises its national teams. On Friday, it unveiled a new visual identity, developed with Scandinavian Design Group (SDG) and Norsk Designråd. It includes both a new association logo and a crest for the national team.

The monogram is a modernised version of its predecessor, while the new crest features the national flag and two lions. The accompanying press release stresses that these a both symbols of national pride, as well a more multicultural Norway. The monogram reportedly symbolises integration, which is a stated core value of the NFF.

There will also be a new system for the regional associations that make up the NFF. They will be given new logos based on the main NFF mark. SDG are stressing that the logo and crest are just small parts of a more cohesive identity, so you are advised to defer judgement until more is revealed.

Previous logo.

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