Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lippincott develops identity for merging landscapers

Brickman and ValleyCrest are two American landscape maintenance companies in the process of merging. Last week, they announced that the future name of the combined company would be BrightView. The brand strategy and visual identity was developed by Lippincott.

The new name keeps the initials of the merging companies (B and V), which are also present in abstracted form in the new tree symbol.

"The name BrightView suggests the bright views, or beautiful landscapes, the organization designs, builds and maintains on its clients' properties. Additionally, it speaks to the bright view the organization will offer its team members in the form of opportunity and career advancement, as well as a continued commitment to excellence in service delivery for its clients and their customers.

Although a forward-looking name, BrightView also honors the organization's legacy brands, founders, shared values and all the people who contributed to Brickman and ValleyCrest's combined 140 years of success. This is done by carrying forward the 'B' from Brickman and the 'V' from ValleyCrest. A new logo system will also be revealed that acknowledges the legacy brands and reinforces our position as a dependable, adaptable and proactive partner to our clients.
" - Press release

The new logo will not launch until mid-2015.

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