Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tastier porridge from Fazer Alku

Fazer Alku is a Finnish brand for porridge and bread from bakery and confectionery company Fazer. Earlier this year, the brand introduced several new variants of porridge, as well as a new look, created by Dragon Rouge.

The new packaging establishes Alku as a brand for breakfast products, highlighting porridge as a healthy and tasty meal.

Previous logo.

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"Having carried out extensive research in Finland, Sweden and Russia to gain insights into consumers’ morning routine and breakfast choices, Fazer discovered that, although associated with Nordic tradition and full of health benefits, porridge was seen as dull and lacking in taste.

With these challenges in mind, Fazer used their expertise to create a delicious ‘new’ porridge range that could introduce a whole new level of taste and texture benefits to households. They approached Dragon Rouge to design the identity for Fazer’s new Alku breakfast brand and bring it to life on shelf.

Our graphics reflect the use of fine quality oats sourced in Finland, applied to a carton with an easy-to-pour spout based on one traditionally used by Finnish millers. Photos of delicious added seeds, berries and apples bring a contemporary look and feel and the result is a motivating range aimed at households looking for a healthy, tasty and satisfying breakfast in five minutes, full of great texture and flavour. The positioning is a ‘range of porridge oats in five tasty options that bring weekend mornings to daily life’.
" - Dragon Rouge

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