Friday, February 27, 2015

Trollbäck creates logos for Late Late Show and Rio 2016

The Late Late Show is an American talk show that airs in the United States on CBS after the famous Late Show with David Letterman. Its Scotland-born host Craig Ferguson decided to retire last year and a new permanent host, Englishman James Corden, is due to take over next month. Recently, CBS unveiled the logo that will be used for Corden's iteration of the show.

The new logo was designed by New York-based Trollbäck + Company. A CBS producer told Variety that it will be allowed some flexibility when it comes to colour choices.

Last logo used with Ferguson as host.

In related news, NBC recently published a promo, promoting their coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. This logo was also designed by Trollbäck. NBC has traditionally created special logos for each Olympics. Recently, they have often been highly detailed three-dimensional crests. This logo breaks with that tradition by using a simpler and more free-flowing design.

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