Friday, March 27, 2015

Abu Dhabi's leading TV channels rebranded

Two of the leading television networks in Abu Dhabi were rebranded over the weekend. They are both owned by Abu Dhabi Media, the media company of the Abu Dhabi government.

Having previously been gathered under the umbrella brand Abu Dhabi TV they will now market themselves under separate identities. The general entertainment channel Abu Dhabi Al Oula (Al Oula meaning "the First") will now be known as the Abu Dhabi Channel, and the educational, cultural and official channel Abu Dhabi Al Emarat simply becomes Al Emarat. The logos have also diverged into different styles. Media reports say the new look involved a team of 60 experts working over eight months.

The previous logos were designed by Lambie-Nairn for a relaunch of the company in 2008. The diamond logo will still be used by the Abu Dhabi sports channels.

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  1. The new El Emarat logo is seriously questionable. The Arabic grammar and basic principles of arabic lettering have been ignored: the Laam-Alif is split so that three identical shapes are supposed to be read either Alif+Laam+Alif or Alif+Ra+Alif!
    The meem is not even connected!!! In a nutshell this is an identity showing an enormous lack of understanding of the richness and potential of the Arabic alphabet. This is not contemporary arabic logo design: this is a poorly executed westernization.

    1. What's more, the new El Emarat logo makes me think about a well-known logo for a news broadcaster of the Netherlands: NOS.