Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cheese maker Bongrain becomes Savencia

Bongrain is a French dairy company and one of the world leaders in processed milk products. It owns several international brands of soft cheese, including Saint Albray, Saint Môret and Le Rustique, but the company itself has been fairly anonymous. That is about to change, because yesterday the company announced that it would change its name to Savencia in a move that it hopes will make it more visible to consumers. The new visual identity was developed by W&Cie.

The name should evoke flavour and savour and was created by naming agency Nomen to work internationally. The tagline 'Fromage & Dairy' tells what the company is about, with the word cheese written in French to highlight its origins. The logo, a stylised S, represents dynamism, balance, pleasure and generosity, as well a diverse product portfolio and innovative know-how.

Previous logo.

"This new identity brings to mind flavor & savor, pleasure, quality and innovation, which are the key elements of both the past and future of our businesses, and our values. Easy to pronounce in a wide variety of languages, it shall facilitate communication and increase our international visibility.

It shall enhance the image of the Group’s know how with its customers and consumers throughout the world, its partners, its people and its shareholders.
" - press release (archive)

W&Cie (archive)

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