Thursday, April 2, 2015

France's leading brewery Brasseries Kronenbourg introduces new logo

Brasseries Kronenbourg is France's largest brewery, tracing its history back to the year 1664, which also happens to be the name of one of its most famous brands. It has been a subsidiary of the Danish Carlsberg Group since 2008, which means it is also selling international Carlsberg brands in France. Yesterday, Brasseries Kronenbourg launched a new corporate identity which it will use in corporate communications. It was designed by Carré Noir, which has been the brewery's design agency for several years.

According to a press release, the new logo reaffirms Kronenbourg's identity as a French brewer with 350 years of history.

Previous logo.

From a press release (archive):
"Created by the agency Carré Noir, the new logo, in a clean design, symbolises Kronenborg's entry into a new era and signifies the transformation of the business. "Carré Noir has sought to conserve the fundamentals of the company logo - the coats of arms, symbol of tradition and heritage, the red, historical colour, and the the typography - while simplifying symbols to become modern, more compact, powerful and legible", explains Christopje Fillâtre, president of Carré Noir.

The crown (Krone) and the turrets (Burg) refer to an ancient castle, which gave its name to a district in Strasbourg: Cronenbourg... Which in turn inspired the name of the beer Kronenbourg, born in this district. The traditional coats of arms of the Kronenbourg district is supported by two lions, symbols of strength and prestige. The checkerboard colours are those of Alsace.
" (translated from French, by me)

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