Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wizz Air refreshed by Futurebrand

Wizz is a major Hungarian budget airline that operates in much of Central and Eastern Europe. This week, on the eleventh anniversary of its inaugural flight, the airline unveiled a refreshed corporate identity and livery, created by Futurebrand. The airline says it now has "a fresh, more vibrant, sophisticated look and feel".

Previous logo.

"After 10 years of success and having played a key role in the revolution of the airline industry in Eastern Europe, WIZZ decided it was time to pivot. After achieving their ambitious goal of creating a Europe where ‘we can all fly’, an ambition set over 10 years ago, and with the desire to not rest on success, the WIZZ Air team realised that there was a need to push forward.

With an ever-evolving, and increasingly savvy customer-base as well as the challenge of operating in a more sophisticated marketplace, WIZZ sought to build from a position of strength and create a brand and business fit for the next 10 years.

The new plane, identity system, purpose and strategy reflect the evolution that WIZZ Air has experienced through a fresher, more vibrant and sophisticated brand. The brand continues to grow, opening new routes and expanding it’s fleet. WIZZ has introduced innovative new products and services that provide better experiences for its customers. Many of its new offers are not just about flight – WIZZ today is fast becoming a complete travel brand, not just an airline. Being no longer privately owned, gives WIZZ Air the opportunity to invest heavily in the long-term growth of the business and brand.
" - Futurebrand press release (archive)

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New livery.

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Old livery.

Wizz (archive)

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