Friday, June 5, 2015

Alitalia takes off with refreshed identity

Alitalia is Italy's flag carrier and like most of the old legacy players has suffered from perpetual problems in recent decades relating to changing airline market. One major reorganisation was carried out this year, when Etihad Airways bought a 49 percent stake in the company. Yesterday, Alitalia revealed an updated visual identity as part of these ongoing changes. The revelation was part of an event involving 1,500 employees Rome's Fiumicino Airport.

Alitalia's brand identity has remained remarkably stable over time. The original tailfin symbol introduced back in 1969. An update in 2005 gave the logo a more "dynamic" shape by slanting it, but the old logo is still widely used. The 1969 look was designed by Landor Associates, and they were brought onboard once again to design the new look.

The new logo keeps the same basic concept, but the 60s typoface has been updated. The new typography is described as conveying confidence and assertiveness. On the livery, the green border that extended from the tailfin across the fuselage is gone, as the stylised A on the tailfin is larger. The fuselage now bears a colour called "warm ivory".

Previous logo.

In a press release, the chairman says the old identity was "universally associated with Italy and viewed as iconic and highly recognised", but that it need to be updated for the 21st century.

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Alitalia's previous identities (1946, 1969 and 2005).

Alitalia 1
Alitalia 2
Press release
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