Friday, June 12, 2015

Innovation Norway builds up new logo

Innovation Norway is an agency of the Norwegian government tasked with supporting the country's enterprises in questions relating to innovation and development. Last month, the organisation launched an innovation of its own in the form of a new visual identity, developed by Norwegian agency Bleed.

It replaces the logo used since the organisation was founded in 2004. The organisation says it has suffered from conceptions of being more bureaucratic than innovative and have taken this into account during the design process. The new concept is called "Climb Up!" and describes taking steps in the process of innovation without really knowing where it will lead. The red colour is also used in the Norwegian flag and expresses enthusiasm, energy and joy.

Previous logo.

Innovasjon Norge (archive)

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  1. Tuenti, a social network and VMNO, bought a few years ago by Telefónica, was rebranded a few days ago.