Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New logo for a design-led Logitech

Switzerland-based Logitech is well-known for its affordable accessories for PCs and other electronics. It is now moving on beyond that legacy and as a result it introduced a new brand logo today, developed with brand design agency DesignStudio (of AirBnB logo fame). In addition, some new products will now be marketed under a new "Logi" name, dropping "-tech" in the process.

The new logo, based on geometric shapes, is designed to be future-ready and versatile. It is based on the Brown Pro typeface, incidentally designed around the time Logitech was founded in the city were it is based, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Beyond the logo, the new look, indeed its entire product lineup, is marked by bold neon-like colours. Logitech wants to put design at the centre of what it does and has hired a dedicated executive in charge of design.

Previous logo.

"We’ve evolved the brand to make it future facing and future ready. The new logotype is based on simple, geometric shapes that could work on anything from a remote control to a piece of wearable tech. The new logo is flexible as a label for Logitech’s bright new product range – Logi.

The logotype nods to Logitech’s 30-year heritage with the use of the Brown Pro typeface, designed by Aurèle Sack from Lausanne, Switzerland, the birthplace of Logitech and still where its EMEA headquarters are based. The logo also takes inspiration from Paul Renner’s experimental sketches for his now classic modernist typeface, ‘Futura’.

The Logi products of the future are designed for a more youthful audience. An audience that can now see themselves in the imagery we use. Our inspiration for colour came from the clothing people wear today – brighter, more vibrant – with a variety of colours too, rather than a reliance on the old approach of ‘one colour equals the brand’.
" - DesignStudio

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This spells the end of Logitech's distinctive eye logo. Its first iteration was designed by Frog Design and introduced in 1989. It was later redesigned to appear smoother and more human.

1989 logo.

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