Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A diversified Google Inc becomes Alphabet

Google has grown way beyond a search engine and is now a diverse company that is involved in many innovative industries. This week, it decided to recognise that and took the unusual step of rebranding itself at a corporate level. Google is now a major part of Alphabet, a company that in addition to Internet and software also invests in self-driving cars and healthcare.

Alphabet is of course a great manifestation of how diverse businesses (letters) can form a whole (language). The blog post that launched the new name says it was selected because language is one of "humanity's most important innovations" and is an important part in Google's operations.

The visual identity appears fairly subdued, with the only thing released so far being a wordmark and a simple website with alphabet blocks representing the company's businesses. This is probably in line with Alphabet's role as a corporate name that is usually not communicated to consumers.

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