Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Australia's oldest museum rebrands with a zig-zag

The Australian Museum is a natural history in museum in Sydney that is also the oldest museum in Australia. Last week it launched a new visual identity, developed with interactive ad agency 303Lowe, who were appointed back in January.

The new symbol is an abstract representation of the initials AM in red and ochre, the earth tones of Australia. This "zig-zag" can also be turned into a pattern which is frequently used in the museum's communication.

Previous logo.

"A zig-zag continues, it moves in all directions and takes form in fossils, artefacts, animal prints and rock and mineral textures. It appears as tracks across the sand of deserts and in nature’s patterns of chaos. It is a metaphor: a heartbeat, a living museum." - 303Lowe designer and art director Therese Leuver in a press release

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