Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Four Danish TV channels, squared

Discovery Networks Denmark is one of the larger broadcasters in Denmark, operating both some leading local entertainment channels and the Danish versions of the Discovery and Eurosport channels. Last Monday, its entertainment channels, Kanal 4, Kanal 5, Kanal 6 and Kanal 9, all launched new logos based on the same basic structure, a coloured square with the channel number in grey.

Back when the flagship mainstream entertainment channel Kanal 5 launched its previous logo two years ago, this blog noted that the group's channels were using logos with the same underlying design idea (a numeral in a coloured holding shape), which meant the logos worked well side-by-side in cross promotion, but were different enough to build an identity. This rebrand goes one step further, enforcing a completely uniform look with the same typeface and structure for all logos. The only thing that differs is colour-coding and the numeral itself.

The old logos:

Discovery Networks's Danish agency of record has been Time-line and they have been behind the previous identities (except Canal 9, which is a recent acquisiton). It remains to be confirmed who was behind this recent rebrand.

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