Monday, August 10, 2015

Lippincott creates Optiv brand for merged cyber security firm

Two of the largest cyber security firms in the United States, Accuvant and FishNet Security, merged earlier this year to become Optiv Security. The new corporate identity was unveiled in June and designed by New York-based Lippincott.

Lippincott were involved in the entire process from strategy to naming and design. The selected name is a combination of the words "active" and "operative". The simple logo features two half circles which are part of "the endless chain of available cyber security options", but can also be seen as a symbol for unlocking potential solutions.

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From a press release:
"Lippincott was brought in early on to help Accuvant and FishNet Security navigate the process of identifying a new brand strategy that addressed the value the combined entity could provide clients and their changing needs. As part of that process, Lippincott guided the company in selecting a name that represented the future promise of the combined brands. Optiv was chosen as the new name after an extensive selection and vetted process that included reviewing more than 1,200 possibilities, including potential candidates from employees. Optiv is a newly coined word derived from “active” and “operative,” alluding to intelligent collaboration. It evokes the idea of giving organizations a clear field of vision, helping them understand their options, and providing them with what they need to take action and to successfully execute on their security needs.

“The new company is a leader in the industry and the new brand reflects its unique ability to help clients navigate the endless chain of available cyber security options, and select, implement and maintain the right solutions to meet their specific needs. We are proud to have helped develop the name and identity that epitomizes their commitment to enabling businesses to operate in a world where everything is increasingly linked together,” said Michael D’Esopo, Senior Partner and Director of Brand Strategy at Lippincott. “The new name, logo and overall visual system clearly depict the direction of the new brand for employees, clients and partners.”

To create the Optiv logo and identity, Lippincott designed a logo that would capture the heritage of both companies as well as represent the future of the combined capabilities. The simple and clean logo utilizes a blue and black color scheme while the two half circles signify the endless chain of available cyber security options.

“The wordmark consists of two half circles that when combined form the letter 'O' of the name Optiv. It is designed to convey the company’s ability to unlock powerful, perfectly resolved solutions in the cyber security space,” said Marc Hohmann, Design Partner at Lippincott. “We chose a clean typeface and symbol without flourishes to reflect Optiv’s expertise in simplifying complex problems. The colors in the half circle shift upwards from darker to lighter hues creating continuous vertical movement that activates the mark and communicates relentlessness.”

Steve Perkins, Optiv Chief Marketing Officer said, "In Lippincott we had a true partner to help us navigate the integration of our companies. We feel confident that Optiv and all that it stands for will result in a brand that is extremely meaningful to our clients, employees, partners and shareholders, and will stand the test of time."

Press release from June

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