Monday, August 3, 2015

Wolff Olins rebrands Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Dr.Reddy's Laboratories is an Indian pharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells affordable medicine in India and overseas. At the beginning of July, it launched a new corporate identity, created by Wolff Olins in Dubai and London.

The rebrand is part of Dr. Reddy's development into a more patient-focused company. The symbol is a heart partly made up of circles, where the heart expresses empathy for the patient and the circles stand for dynamism, innovation and agility. The company has also been given a signature colour, purple, which stands for creativity and wisdom.

Previous logo.

"The logo depicts the core principles of empathy and dynamism. Empathy helps understand the patient’s unmet and under-met needs better: connoted by the left hand side - always putting the patient at the heart of everything. Dynamism helps address these needs: connoted by the right hand side – responding with agility.

“The logo is an excellent reflection of our two core principles, and complements our core belief of Good Health Can’t Wait. Both together are inspiring and act as a call to action.” - GV Prasad, Co-chairman and CEO, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories

The logo seeks to act as a useful tool rather than a corporate stamp, responding to the needs of different contexts, channels and interactions. It’s flexible so that it can engage all it’s different audiences, across multiple touch points.
" - blog post from Wolff Olins

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Dr. Reddy's press release

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