Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ireland's leading telco changes its name to Eir

Yesterday, Ireland's leading telecommunications company changed its name from Eircom to Eir. At the same time, it adopted the squiggly logo seen above. Update: The new identity was designed by Moving Brands.

"Eir" is derived from the Irish name for Ireland (Éire) and is pronounced roughly as the word "air". The logo can be used in a variety of bright colours.

Previous logo.

The old logo was introduced in 1999 when the old telecom monopoly Telecom Éireann was privatised and renamed.

"The new eir identity is dynamic and modern. It reflects our real ambition to become just that, a dynamic and progressive Irish organisation providing the high quality infrastructure and services the country needs and deserves. We are proud of our history and our origins, but the time is right to modernise. Changing our brand is part of that evolution. This is the logical next stage in our evolution as we establish an identity that better reflects the company that we are today. The marketplace has changed, technologies have changed, eircom as a company has changed and we have to continue to evolve, to maintain our relevance and lead a very dynamic market." - Press release

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