Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Red Antler brands healthcare startup Clover

Clover Health is a new data-driven health insurance start-up that seeks to give American seniors more effective healthcare, sort of a contender to be the Uber och Airbnb or healthcare. It's launch identity was devised by Red Antler. The also created the company website. The simple identity is focused on communicating the benefits Clover offers.

"We collaborated with Clover to create a brand that signifies a drastic shift in healthcare, with a completely new approach that uses technology to enable personalized, preventative care. Our strategy focuses on communicating what Clover does to keep patients healthy, and all the tangible things members receive, rather than making high-level emotional and often empty claims that have become the industry norm. By integrating comprehensive data, Clover always knows the current state of each customer’s health and can make informed decisions regarding treatments, including directly administering in-home care through nurse practitioners and social workers. Clover also provides discounts, unlimited access to physicians, and more, giving members a better experience than they get from any other insurance plan. The results? Patients are healthier, which prevents future expensive medical bills, reducing overall costs – a savings passed directly back to patients." - Red Antler

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