Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mighty mark by Red Antler

Mighty is an American start-up that helps plaintiffs fund their struggle through the justice system, positioned as way to help people stand up against powerful corporations and employers. It launched last month with a website and visual identity designed by Red Antler.

The Might mark uses "upward angles that are heroic and uplifting", and a lively, energetic green colour. The website is designed by be clear and easy to use.

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"And by designing the Mighty mark with upward angles that are heroic and uplifting, and using a bright, lively green to symbolize energy, we infused the Mighty brand with a super power of its own. A power to stand out and act as a friendly, guiding light to people often in the toughest times of their life." - Red Antler

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Red Antler
Brian Skuse

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