Friday, November 13, 2015

Eurosport drops its star circle logo

Eurosport is a leading sports TV channel in Europe, having been a staple of cable packages since its founding in 1989. It was recently acquired by Discovery Communications who've integrated it into their portfolio of channels and bolstered it by securing the rights to the 2018 and 2020 Olympics. Today, Eurosport launched a brand new identity, with graphics developed by London-based DixonBaxi.

Significantly, the new look introduces a new logo, for the first time abandoning the European circle of stars used with minor modifications since the channel launched. It has been replaced by a wordmark with a single star. The new look is launched with the tagline "Fuel Your Passion", exclaiming the engagement its viewers have with the channel's content. The on screen are graphics are clean and simple, relying on strong imagery and typography.

Previous logo.

The Eurosport logo was last changed in 2011, its fourth iteration overall.

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New icon.

New logos for the two TV channels. The main channel has changed its name from Eurosport to Eurosport 1, clarifying that Eurosport is a multi-platform brand.

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"Fuel Your Passion" promo:

Eurosport invites sports fans across the globe to ‘Fuel Your Passion’ by unveiling a stunning new brand identity that will spearhead the start of an exciting new chapter for the Discovery-owned sports broadcaster.

The new identity, revealed on-air on Friday 13 November 2015, will be underpinned by the strapline ‘Fuel Your Passion’ and supported by the #sharemypassion social media campaign, which encourages fans to share stories about the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to demonstrate their love for their athlete, team or sport.

Recognisable, distinctive and relatable, the new identity will propel Eurosport into the 21st century while acknowledging the proud heritage of innovation and expertise that has been part of Eurosport’s DNA for more than 25 years.


Antonio Ruiz, VP Marketing & Franchise Management, Eurosport added: “Eurosport’s rebrand followed extensive multi-market research to understand the brand’s perception and enable the company to define its values.

Eurosport will now have a distinct personality and cutting edge visuals to energise and engage fans.

Fans and athletes live their passion for sports in extraordinary ways. Eurosport now fuels that passion and celebrates their devotion, ambition, dedication, sacrifice, madness and joy.”

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