Friday, November 6, 2015

Landor rebrands Union Bank of Nigeria

Union Bank is one of Nigeria's largest consumer banks with a history stretching back almost a century. At the end of October it launched a new visual identity as part of a major rebrand headed by Landor Associates in Cape Town.

The new identity aims to portray Union Bank as dynamic, modern and driven by technology, while maintaining and capitalising the trust built into a heritage bank.

Previous logo.

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From a Landor press release:
Research carried out by Landor revealed that Union Bank was a highly trusted choice of Nigerians, yet it wasn’t considered to be “moving with the times.” The study also showed that many consumers felt banking in general was more complex than it needed to be, owing to ongoing complications with slow service and underdeveloped infrastructure.

In addition, while newer banks were sometimes viewed as more cutting edge, their services were often deemed inefficient and less trustworthy than those of the older banks. Such perceptions created a perfect opportunity for Union Bank to capitalize on its heritage of trust while repositioning itself as a more dynamic yet simple bank to work with.

Landor’s rebrand of Union Bank hinged on a broad strategy to make the bank more efficient, competitive, and relevant to customers. This included updating technology infrastructure, improving customer care channels, upgrading branches, and launching teller-less banks.

The new brand expression has transformed the banking process to make it simpler and hassle free, allowing customers to spend more time on important tasks.

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