Thursday, December 3, 2015

Design Bridge gives leading Dutch juice brand Appelsientje a refresh

Appelsientje is the most popular juice drink brand in the Netherlands, introduced in 1973 and now owned by dairy giant FrieslandCampina. Last month, it launched a new look with redesigned packaging and a refreshed logo, courtesy of Design Bridge.

As the leader in its segment, the challenge for Appelsientje was to stand out among competitors trying to mimic its look. Additionally it needed to fight the perception that packaged juices aren't a fully natural product.

Design Bridge's solution keeps Appelsientje's distinctive A-logo and its dominating presence on the packaging, but gives it a cleaner look. It is flanked by fruit still on the tree above it, as well as below it,

Previous logo.

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Press release from Design Bridge:
Appelsientje was launched in 1973 as the first pure juice in the ambient shelf and has a long heritage in the market, where their iconic orange juice is both a childhood memory and an everyday staple. Their growing range of juices enjoys a privileged position in local hearts and minds, but risked getting lost on supermarket shelves.

Standing out on a crowded shelf
The wide selection of ambient juices and fruit drinks makes for a crowded shelf environment dominated by generic formats and imagery. Most brands look at category leaders to borrow visual cues for pure juice, which increasingly put Appelsientje’s unique look and feel under pressure.

So the challenge for Appelsientje was to stand out — both from the competition within the category and from themselves and become the proud icon again as it has always been.

A juicy story
An additional challenge arises because non-refrigerated juices are more likely to be perceived as more processed by supermarket shoppers. In fact, Appelsientje’s core range was already 100% pure juice — no additives, preservatives or added sugar. As part of the packaging redesign, Appelsientje have reshaped their complete portfolio of fruit drinks to remove added sugars and sweeteners and make all their products more natural than ever.

The new designs give pride of place to the long-established Appelsientje brand. Their easily recognised and evocative “A” logo is capped by photography of pure fruit still on the tree, celebrating the wholesome natural goodness inside each pack. A new custom-made typeface ties the brand and product names together inseparably.

Little moments of pure happiness
The brand idea behind this design evolution celebrates all the little pure moments of happiness we enjoy together every day — just like that first glass of juice at the family breakfast table each morning.

“Appelsientje has been a part of Dutch family life for decades now, but their products were getting lost in sea of sameness,” said Bas van Herten, Client Business Director at Design Bridge. “Our goal for this project was to proudly reclaim their heritage by giving consumers a fresh, natural and distinctive design for a brand already engrained in their hearts — so every glass of Appelsientje is a little moment of happiness in their day.”

“The new designs from Design Bridge are a perfect tribute to what we pour into every pack: pure juice for pure enjoyment,” said Siska Schipper, Director Marketing Riedel at FrieslandCampina Branded Netherlands. “We wanted to make our brand iconic again and stand out from the crowd by radiating our passion for pure and natural fruit juices.


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