Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lippincott rebrands love publisher YourTango

YourTango is a publisher "focused on love and relationships", with a website where people can read about these subjects. Shortly before Christmas it relaunched its website with a new visual identity developed by Lippincott.

The odd heart-shape in the original logo has been replaced by a script logo that "speaks to the genuine, insightful and empathetic content the brand provides". It is flanked by a similarly linear heart illustration that can be used for various purposes.

Previous logo.

The new YourTango logo captures the spirit of the brand. Its simplicity is approachable, while its hand-drawn expression speaks to the genuine, insightful and empathetic content the brand provides. Lippincott's Creative Director, Connie Birdsall, explains, "The design captures YourTango's commitment to helping people build strong, loving relationships. The linear heart illustration and the dynamic script logotype serve to visually reinforce the company's mission and the passion shared by everyone at YourTango."

Andrea Miller, YourTango Founder and CEO adds "Since its inception, YourTango has had enormous brand ambitions. I have long described my vision for YourTango is to be to love what ESPN is to sports. Lippincott has provided invaluable assistance in helping us to achieve that ambition. YourTango has always focused on what every woman seeks: loveand happiness. We are committed to providing our users the knowledge, encouragement, and emotional validation to feel and be their best selves in order to build happier, stronger relationships with those they love most. And not just romantic love. In addition to dating and marriage, we are all about family, friendship, parenting--even pets!"
- Press release

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