Thursday, February 18, 2016

Los Angeles reveals logo for 2024 Olympic bid

After Boston decided to give up on its ambitions to host the 2024 Olympics, Los Angeles took up the baton and became the US candidate city. This week, they revealed the official emblem to symbolise that bid. The logo is credited to ad agency 72andSunny, other elements were created by Bruce Mau Design.

The bid organisers want the world to "follow the sun" to the city of angels, so their symbol is the profile of a soaring athletic angel with the sun and the colours of the California sky shining through it.

The logo for Boston's discarded bid.

From a press release:
The figure is illuminated, lifted and empowered by the rays of the sun, which emanate from a sparkling point of light at the figure’s heart—a palette of colors often seen in the city sky both at dawn and sunset. The sun itself, which LA calls its brightest star, inspires LA 2024's slogan, Follow the Sun.

As LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman said, “Everyday people follow the sun to our city in pursuit of their dreams, spurring unprecedented creativity, innovation and progress. We’re inviting the world to Follow the Sun to California in 2024, to join us in LA for an Olympic and Paralympic Games that signal the dawn of a new era for the Olympic Movement.”

Follow the Sun is also a reference to LA’s year-round sunshine, as well as the “perennial optimism and constant reinvention” that characterize the world’s entertainment capital.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said: “We all know that Los Angeles is a city that breathes Olympism. It’s in our DNA. But this logo is about more than Angelenos’ love for the Games. This logo capture's the essence of LA - a soaring belief that through hard work, creativity and ingenuity, we can follow the sun and reach the highest levels of success. It is with that commitment, that we are excited to continue following our dream of bringing the Games back to a city that loves them.”


USOC Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Baird said: “I believe this is just the beginning of the immense creative potential we’re going to see from the LA Olympic 2024 bid. I love the feeling of optimism and progress that is captured by the logo’s design and the sense of promise in the message of the theme. With the prospects of marrying sport, innovation and entertainment in new ways, LA 2024 can be a new beginning for California, our nation and the Olympic Movement worldwide.”

LA 2024 Vice Chair and Director of Athlete Relations Janet Evans said: “Our logo puts the athlete at the pinnacle of our Olympic celebration, which is a reflection of the place of the athlete in our overall plan. We wanted an emblem that signaled our dedication to creating the most amazing experience possible for every participant in our Games—and we wanted a slogan that instantly conveyed the distinct advantage of our beautiful, year-round weather and the inviting optimism of our natural environment. And I think we got both.”

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