Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tektronix refreshes its logo

Tektronix is an American manufacturer of electronic equipment for various purposes. It was originally founded in 1946 to manufacture oscilloscopes, which remains the product it is most associated with. This week it revealed a new logo to celebrate its 70th anniversary and take the company into the future.

The previous logo was introduced around 1991/1992. The new one is an updated version of it, keeping the angular line theme but incorporating it into the letter K and switching from serif to sans serif.

Previous logo.

The legacy Tektronix logo has been refashioned, with the angle incorporated within the logotype as an upwards gesture of progress. The sans-serif type is given character by subtly clipping the 'T' letterforms, echoing the blue angle. Simple, definitive lines reflect our promise of performance.

"The new logo design emerged from work we completed on behalf of our customers," said Pat Byrne, president of Tektronix. "Through this process we interviewed over a thousand customers, partners and employees worldwide to gain insight into buyer behaviors and trends. The result is a clear focus for our brand on why customers choose our products and services."
- Press release

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