Thursday, March 31, 2016

Brazil's telco Oi launches refreshed logo

Oi is Brazil's leading telecommunications company, formed 1998 as a result of deregulation. This week it has introduced a refreshed version of its visual identity.

The Oi brand was originally created in 2002 by Wolff Olins. It was a relatively early example in the crop of dynamic logos that became popular in the '00s. The logos consisted of a the simple 'Oi' wordmark (Brazilian for "Hello") on flat yellow blobs of different irregular shapes.

The new version replaces the yellow colour with three colourful gradients. The wordmark stays the same, but the shapes appear to be new. Altogether there are 70 different shapes that "reflect the different voices of the people". With three different colour gradients, that makes a total of 210 different logos, not counting the monochrome variations.

The new logos are used as part of a design programme that has been phased in over time. Some elements that were already in use were the signature typeface (a modified version of Simplon) and a set of matching pictograms.

Various blogs and Brazilian media sources report that Wolff Olins and Futurebrand collaborated on this project, although it is not clear who did what and it has so far not been confirmed through their regular channels.

Previous logo.

Someone has made the brand guidelines available via this link. A selection from the 113 pages of guideline goodness is presented below:

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