Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Interbrand brands new IT consultancy Minsait

Minsait is a new business unit within Spanish IT company Indra, launched in February. The new brand unites different business-oriented consultancies and solutions that were already part of Indra. It has been set up to address "the challenges posed by digital transformation to companies and institutions".

The new brand was created by Interbrand in Madrid. This involved everything from strategy to naming and design. Minsait wants to capitalise on Indra's leadership in the field and focus on disruptive reinvention of its client's businesses to move into a digital-first environment.

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From a press release:

Interbrand developed the brand strategy and was responsible for the naming for of the new unit: Minsait. The new name reflects the essence of the brand: minds seeking meaning (meaning), the sense of belonging to Indra, looking forward to going further (sight), and saying what you see (see)—all expressed in technological terms.


The chosen claim is “Impact to go.” Such a claim strengthens Indra’s aim to generate business impact for its clients through a model of solutions.

To do so, a new model of business solutions called “FEEP” (Foresee, Engage, Empower, Protect) has been created. The idea is that, in a new context of clients and competitors, this model will enhance capacities in a more agile, flexible and integrated manner, from the technology business perspective.

Indra asked Interbrand to develop an identity that would provide a fresher look for the new business unit, one which will lead the company’s digital and technological transformation and enable Minsait to provide a groundbreaking and attractive experience for clients, employees and other stakeholders of the company.

Interbrand’s aim was to communicate, through design, a complex concept such as state-of-the-art technological solutions in a simple and suggestive way. This was no doubt the main challenge of the creative phase.

People and technology interact in a world of light, which reflects the challenging attitude of talent destined to create advanced technological solutions. Interbrand created a digitally rooted, multiplatform graphic ecosystem where the new brand is activated across all touchpoints: websites, dossiers, signals, motion, events, stationery, pictograms, brand guides, etc. Neon colours helped create a luminescent world, which communicates exciting and optimistic technology. The employees have been photographed highlighting the light in their eyes to symbolize the ambition and talent of a collaborative culture.

Especially important has been the development of an attractive user interface for the website, bearing in mind the journalistic focus defined throughout, which required wide exploration of the site’s architecture, content, variety of styles and multiplatform adaptation capacity.

All in all, the new business unit, Minsait by Indra is expected to lead the conversation around technology into the future.

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