Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coca-Cola launches new "one brand" packaging

355 ml Can One Brand Lineup

Much has been written about Coca-Cola's brand differentiation scheme, where different Coca-Cola products don't necessarily taste all that different but are instead distinguished by sweetener and marketing. A few decades of development means the the sugar-sweetened product is now accompanied by Diet/Light, Zero and Life as global brands. In recent years, Coca-Cola has been tinkering with its package designs in certain markets, usually with the clear aim to give the products a more unified appearance with prominence given to the red corporate colour.

This week saw the revelation of what is touted as a milestone with a new package design introduced in Mexico, slated for roll-out to other markets later on. This is part of a strategy dubbed "One Brand".

The "wave" graphic that has accompanied the Coca-Cola logotype since the late 60s is notably absent from the new packaging. Up until late 60s, the Coca-Cola wordmark was usually seen in a simple red "disc" and the company has recently been phasing in a new version of that circular logo. The disc can now also be seen behind the Coca-Cola wordmark on the new packaging.

The redesign was reportedly lead by Coca-Cola's Global Design team, who worked with "select agencies around the world".

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  1. Coca-cola life kind of looks like the Bangladesh flag in my opinion.

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