Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Canal+ rebrands free channels

France's leading pay TV broadcaster broadcaster Canal+ expanded into free-to-air TV a few years ago by buying struggling TV stations Direct 8 and Direct Star and relaunching them as D8 and D17. Particular investment was made in D8, which has since grown to become France's fifth most watched TV channel. Yesterday, the broadcaster confirmed reports that was about to rebrand D8, D17 and news channel i-Télé to bring them closer to the Canal+ brand. The logos above were displayed at the same time.

The channels will now be known as Canal 8, Canal Star and Canal News. Canal 8 will continue to bring entertainment for all ages, Canal Star will remain a music channel and Canal News will report the news as it happens.

The relaunch will take place in September, along with further investment in the Canal+ pay channel.

The D8 and D17 logos were designed by Neville Brody's Research Studios and introduced in 2012 with an extensive graphics package from Troika. The triangular i-Télé logo was launched in 2008. No creative credit for the new logos at the moment.

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