Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pulsating identity for Nordea

Nordea is a major bank in the Nordic countries, formed in the year 2000 through the merger of banks in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Earlier in May, the bank revealed a refreshed identity, due to be rolled out over time. It was reportedly created by Scandinavian brand agency Bold.

The previous logo with its stylised sail had been with the bank since it was formed. It was created by Landor Associates, who also came up with the name for the new bank.

The squashed wordmark from the previous logo has been straightened up into cleaner geometric letterforms. The "sail" is gone and has been replaced by a "pulsating" graphic that will be used more independent of the wordmark.

Previous logo.

- Our new visual identity reflects how we want our bank to be perceived in the future – as a bank with a human and financial pulse. The new logo, symbol, colour palette and typeface will visualise this, says Helena Andreas, head of Group Marketing and Communications at Nordea. - Press release (archive)


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