Monday, June 13, 2016

Troika gives Corus Entertainment a bold new identity

Corus Entertainment is one of Canada's largest media corporations, which took on its current form at the beginning of April when it merged with Shaw Media. The combined company owns the major TV network Global, many of the most popular cable channels in Canada and several local TV and radio stations. Corus also used this as an opportunity to adopt a new visual identity, created by Hollywood-based Troika.

The old logo was one of the last great whimsical postmodern logos of the 90s with its varying letterforms and bevel effects. The new look is more contemporary with a bold and simple wordmark.

Previous logo.

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From a press release:

Troika’s rebrand incorporates a bold new identity, including a new Corus logo and brand design system for all corporate collateral, marketing, website, signage and environmental. Underpinning the new design is a brand strategy that leverages the strengths of the combined companies under a renewed Corus brand. The rebrand positions Corus for the future and inspires employees through unifying brand values and a contemporary image.

“The rebrand represents the start of a new chapter for us as we bring these two companies together to create a media and content powerhouse,” said Susan Schaefer, Senior Vice President, Brands and Marketing, Corus.

Dolores Keating-Mallen, Vice President, Creative Agency and Brand Development, Corus went on to say, “This was a true partnership between Troika and Corus, beginning with collaborative brand workshops at the Troika offices. The effort involved direct input with key stakeholders as well as the outstanding collective creative talents of Troika and Corus.”

Dan Pappalardo, founder and CEO of Troika added, “This is a case of how branding can drive business beyond consumer relationships. The Corus rebrand is a strategic roadmap for the future and the visual personification of the company’s momentum forward. The work can be seen in the Corus offices, where brand values, like ‘Be Bold’ and ‘Think Big,’ come to life both in action and through brand design and messaging.”

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Credits for Troika’s Brand work include: Patty LaVigne: Account Director, Dan Pappalardo: Lead Brand Strategist, Josh Chesler: Strategist/Writer, Dale Everette: Creative Director, Stef Smith: Producer, Daniel Beaton: Art Director, Caspar Noonen: Logo Designer, Kyle Valentic: Designer. Credits for Corus’ creative work include: Dolores Keating-Mallen, VP, Creative Agency and Brand Development, Vince Robles: Design Creative Director, and Troy Grant: Producer.


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