Monday, August 15, 2016

Alibaba's cloud service unveils programmer-inspired logo

Alibaba Cloud (also known as Aliyun or AliCloud) is the leading cloud computing service in China, owned by the gigantic e-commerce group Alibaba. Last week, on August 9, they launched a new visual identity for their service.

The new symbol two brackets and a dash, important punctuation marks used by programmers.

Previous symbol.

The succinct symbolic design of the new logo elegantly demonstrates Alibaba Cloud’s mission of achieving limitless value. The design is inspired by the language of programming and represents the dream of Alibaba Cloud expanding its services from China into international markets. Design elements such as “[ ]” and “-” are used given their importance in programming. “[ ]” stands for calculation, and “-” stands for the flow of data.

“"The new logo truly embodies our vision of building a better world together with innovative technologies while safeguarding the values of each of our customers," said Simon HU, President of Alibaba Cloud. “What we are committed to is more than just cloud computing, but making cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data accessible to every industry, and transforming cloud computing into public infrastructure," he added.
- Press release

Seen on Rologo which has a bunch of additional images

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