Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From 1991?: CNP Assurances

People use umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain, which has made the umbrella a popular symbol for companies that offer protection, insurance companies in particular. The most famous umbrella logo is arguably the heavily stylised Citibank umbrella from 1998. But that stylised umbrella is actually predated by the surprisingly similar one used by French insurance company CNP Assurances.

This logo was introduced ahead of the transformation of the old Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance into a limited company known as CNP Assurances. It was designed by Desgrippes & Associés which was one of the leading brand design agencies in France at the time (now a part of Brandimage).

I don't know exactly when this logo was launched, but it was in the early '90s. The ad below was shown in April 1991 and focuses heavily on the logo, making it not far-fetched to guess that it was used to launch it.

(INA's buggy Flash video player doesn't work in all browsers.)

A few years ago, the logo was given a refresh that made all elements more aligned and proportional.

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