Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Landor creates progressive identity for new Bank of Hope

Two Korean-American banks (that is, banks in the US that were originally set up to serve the Korean community) were merged recently. BBCN Bank and Wilshire Bank, both based in San Francisco, joined forces to become Bank of Hope . The brand, including visual identity, was developed by Landor Associates.

The symbol for the new bank resembles the gam trigram (☵), best known from the Korean flag. It's flag shape articulates the "upward progression" of the organisation. Landor notes that it also resembles a stylised letter H.

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From a press release:
BBCN and Wilshire—both Korean-American banks headquartered in Los Angeles—are full service banks that specialize in cross-generational lending to business owners in myriad ethnic communities. By merging to form Bank of Hope, the newly established super-regional bank will have branches in nine states and combined assets of $13.2 billion.

To establish a powerful brand for Bank of Hope, Landor had to reconcile the prior identities of BBCN and Wilshire. The new brand needed to distinguish the organization as a market leader among Korean-American banks, while connecting with its core customers and remaining agile for future opportunities.

Bank of Hope’s new tagline—Bankers. Experts. Neighbors.—uses pride as a source of inspiration to emphasize the bank’s optimistic, highly skilled, and community-friendly positioning. The upward progression of the organization is visually articulated through a subtle flag emblem emblazoned within the logo, which can also be seen as a series of ascending steps. A stylized “H” appears in the mark, alluding to the bank’s ultimate driver: hope.

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