Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Norway's football league roars independently

Norway's top football league is changing its name. Starting next year, the current Tippeligaen will be known as Eliteserien. A new visual identity was unveiled over the weekend. It was designed by Oslo-based Scandinavian Design Group, who helped rebrand the Norwegian Football Association a couple of years ago.

Up until now, the most popular sports tournament has been named after a sponsor, Norsk Tipping, the national lottery monopoly. With its new identity, the league regains is independence as a brand.

The league will use a lion as its symbol. The lion is in Norway's coat of arms and is also used by its national football team. It is supported by bold typography with a 45 degree division in the middle.

Previous logo.

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The new logo with club colours in the background.

From Scandinavian Design Group:
SDG helped identify and assess brand attributes and organizational insights so that can be structured and utilized to meet such changes.

One such major insight was that change often means that one has to take stock of and celebrate what one holds, what one owns, so that a new more successful future can be more definitely determined by oneself.

With this in mind, a key finding was that NTF needed to take greater ownership of its brand so that they can control the stories, drama and characters that shape the brand’s success and future.

One of the first significant initiatives has been to create the brand platform and identity for a new league that doesn’t need to change with a sponsor – the first time since 1970 . Starting in the 2017 season, the all new Eliteserien will create a stage for NTF to truly own, shape and evolve its brand; creating entertainment, services and initiatives that meets the behaviour and expectations of fans and clubs alike, while in–turn creating stronger commercial propositions for its partners.

Solidifying the holistic vision that Norwegian football is taking to bring sporting and commercial success, the Eliteserien logo continues to build on Norwegian football history and heritage by incorporating the lion used in the 1910s and 20s, and now on the new national team crest.
New social media icons.


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