Monday, September 19, 2016

Nowo, new name for Portuguese cable company

Cabovisão, one of the leading cable TV companies in Portugal, was rebranded last week. It is now known as Nowo. The name means "now" in Portuguese and reflects "a new attitude and approach to the market".

The new logo is described as "simple and strong" and the overall communication platform will be "clear, simple and strong". The orange colour should convey joy and irreverence.

The last Cabovisao logo, mostly used in a monochrome version in later years.

Nowo's brand book can be seen here (archive).

Press release


  1. Hey Simon,

    "Nowo", which is an imitation of the word in portuguese "novo", means "new".

  2. Sorry, but "now" is not a portuguese word. In portuguese "now" is "agora".

    This trademark is a spun of the portuguese word "novo", Which means "new" in english, with a "w" which it makes a crappy modernporary word.