Thursday, December 8, 2016

From the 80s: Incomplete logo for The Complete PC

The Complete PC, Inc. was a computer peripherals maker in Milpitas, California in the late 80s. Their first product was a board that you could stick into your computer to turn it into an advanced answering machine. It was called the "Complete Answering Machine" and came out in 1987, followed by a fax board, a scanner and other products.

The company's logo was designed by Margaret Hellman of Lawrence Bender & Associates, a Palo Alto-based agency with many high-tech clients. The stencil letterforms were "completed" by coloured bars when the logo was printed in colour, which was probably part of the rationale behind the design.

It may have been introduced with the launch of the answering machine in 1987. It didn't survive long, being replaced by a more sober serif logo by the end of 1988, but it did nonetheless get featured in a few design publications over the following years.

Low-res image of packaging for the Complete Answering Machine.

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