Monday, March 6, 2017

Imaginary Forces creates new HBO intro

Back in 1983, HBO premiered an elaborate extended intro to be shown before feature presentations. It was used for many years and noted for the (at the time) high production values and overall "epicness" that made it stand out among TV graphics at the time.

Recently, Imaginary Forces produced a new version of the intro, updated for 2017. Rather than panning through a modelled city, the new version zooms into homes of viewers consuming HBO content on various devices. It was created through a combination of live action and computer graphics and features an updated orchestral score.

The original 1983 version:

An updated version from 1998 (by Pittard Sullivan):

Full credits (from Imaginary Forces):
Creative Director: Dan Gregoras
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Head of Production: Aleen Kim
Producer: Lisa Muñoz
Designers: Aaron Maurer, Ben Zylberman
VFX Supervisor: Jeremy Cox
CG Lead: Chris Vincola
3D Modeling & Texturings: Roger An, Muzi Lee, Hannah Sung
Tracking/Enviornment: Joerg Liebold
3D Lightings: Cody Chen, Ken Lee, Chris Vincola
Compositors: Tamir Sapir, Manu Gaulot, Ken Lee, Ken Lee, Chris Vincola, Ari Reisner
Editor: Rachel Ambelang
Coordinator: Meredith Engstrom

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