Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Startling Brands interprets translation service Dacha Media

Dacha Media is a consultancy in Berlin that seeks to expose its clients to the English language through editorial services (e. g. professional translation). It recently launched a new visual identity and website, both designed by Startling Brands.

The company was founded by journalists and works with journalistic content, so Startling Brands sought to emphasise the link to the media business. Visually, this was done with a logo featuring the letters D and M in the form of an open newspaper.

The creative approach to DACHA MEDIA’s identity system is primarily based on the typography used in bold newspaper headlines. The company’s media focus is also the inspiration for its logo, which features the letters “D” and “M,” which have been tilted in order to create the resemblance of an open publication. The idea was then further developed across both print and digital applications. In brochures, we used two different paper formats to create a depth of the physical object itself, while for the digital applications we developed a custom script that splits and tilts any image to evoke that feeling of depth and the sense of opening a publication. Although the overall look of DACHA MEDIA’s visual identity plays slightly on the retro vibe of the heyday of newspaper publishing, it also uses a simple color palette, imagery and strong typography in order to achieve a bold contemporary look that provides brand authenticity in the era of digital publishing. - Startling Brands

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