Friday, May 12, 2017

Refreshed logo for Austrian public radio station Ö1

Ö1 (short for Österreich 1, "Austria One") is the flagship radio network for Austria's public broadcaster ORF, airing a mix of classical music, jazz, news, features and other public radio programming. The network is in a process of renewal with a new schedule and as part of these changes it launched a new logo at the beginning of May.

The new more abstract logo was designed by graphic designer Yasmin Sowa, who worked with ORF's design team lead by art director Michael Hajek. One objective in the redesign was to keep it familiar, but also mark a change. This achieved by keeping the familiar diamond shape, but radically changing the '1'.

Previous logo.

The old Ö1 logo was one of few remnants of a full design programme that Neville Brody created for ORF in 1992.

The old logo as part of the 1992 design programme.

The new logo was unveiled in April. It is supported by different graphics based on sound and ears.


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