Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Edenred vouches for itself with new identity

Edenred is a French company that calls itself "world leader in transactional solutions", its best known product being the Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers and cards available in many countries under differing names. It was known as Accor Services until 2010 when it was spun off from Accor. Last month, it launched a new visual identity, developed by Paris-based Royalties.

In addition to replacing the old corporate logo, the new mark will also be used for the companies other services including Ticket Restaurant. This makes the company name much more visible to consumers.

The old red dot used by Ticket Restaurant was quite recognised, almost having the status of currency for some people. The new logo takes its inspiration from the old red dot, but makes it more simple and "digital".

Previous logo.

Previous Ticket Restaurant logo.

Capitalizing on the red dot, which has been the company's signature mark since the launch of the Ticket Restaurant program in the 1960s, the Edenred logo embodies all of the attributes of the new brand: simple, dependable, digital, universal, daring and connected. Changed to a red circle, it features the name Edenred through its middle and is left open to the outside: to the Group's unique network, but most of all, to the employees, companies and merchants that use Edenred solutions. With its "red" suffix, the new logo echoes a color which has been a visual marker for the Group from day one, whilst making the brand even easier to read. A play on words (the word "red" meaning "network" in Spanish), it also refers to the different ecosystems that form the basis for the Group's products. The font's clean curves mark the smooth transition to new graphic standards at the meeting point between the worlds of B2B and B2C as the digitization of its offer sees the Group forge increasingly direct ties with the 43 million employees that use its solutions. Designed in monogram format, the logo is also a symbol of the federating effect of Edenred's mobile apps. - Press release

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