Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FutureBrand explodes Superliga Argentina

Superliga Argentina de Fútbol is the new name for the highest division in Argentinian football. The new name and accompanying visual identity were launched this month, the latter designed by FutureBrand.

This is part of a "rebirth" for Argentinian football, aimed at democratizing the clubs and the league. The logo is an "explosive" and rotating symbol that contains elements of both a planet and a football. The purple and blue color combination isn't used by any club and can therefore be used by everyone.

We developed a brand that carries the strength of the Argentine Football whilst being as sober and subtle as any league of excellence should be.

The idea: An explosive brand representing the birth of a new era under the Big Bang concept. We summarized in a symbol the anatomy of both a ball and planet which, combined with the pentagon of the typical Argentine ball, results in a graphic brand that is visually explosive, a brand that contains the national color palette and a neutral color temperature which is also a reference to the galaxy; where all stars are born. The symbol rotates, emulating the movement of a football, travelling from left to right. Seven parts; 7 days a week that the fans feel passion for football... Seven is the number for perfection.

The container changes color according to the teams' own color palette to create immediate empathy between the “hinchada” (fans) and SAF, the democratic organism that will be in charge of ordering and democratising the Argentinian football clubs. SAF represents all first division clubs and because of this it can wear all their team shirts without losing its own identity.
- Futurebrand

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